What does CNAP do?

There’s a lot of information in NAPLAN standardised testing. Careful analysis can inform teachers of the strengths and deficiencies of their students. This analysis provides the foundations of tailored curricula that bolster academic success.

The issue is that Australia’s educators lack the tools required to gain these insights. Teachers cannot derive actionable knowledge from their pupils’ test results leading to difficulty in understanding where learning gaps exist and uncertainty on how to address them.

Best Performance’s Customised NAPLAN Analysis Platform (CNAP) provides teachers with the intelligence they need to enhance student outcomes. This online application provides quick, easy-to-access metrics that detail the strengths and weaknesses of specific year levels, classrooms and students.

The main purpose of using CNAP is to answer the following questions:

  • Who is at risk of experiencing academic regression?
  • Which concepts are students struggling with?
  • How can educators help students in certain areas?

How CNAP works

CNAP provides educators with an online portal where teachers can analyse a cohort or student’s strengths and weaknesses and build Australian Curriculum linked learning plans from this data. With a wide range of resources including data coaching training, tutorials and support line, CNAP provides schools with full support to ensure performance improvement.

Key Benefits

  • Time savings on planning at a classroom, whole school and individual student level.
  • Performance improvements in student results
  • User-friendly interface that intuitively guides teachers through the application
  • Ongoing support from qualified teachers at Best Performance who work with over 300 schools.
  • Teachers can review data independently, without supervision.

A reputable, refined platform

CNAP has been refined over the course of 10 years using the latest intelligence algorithms to help teachers learn from NAPLAN test data. Complemented by online tutorials, webinars, collaborative workshops and conference calls, CNAP is a comprehensive service favoured by over 300 schools throughout WA.

Teachers and principals alike continuously provide feedback on the application, enabling us to tailor the software on a continuous basis. Users gain access to updates as soon as it is applied to the software, ensuring an improved user experience throughout the subscription.

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