What is ANA?
27 months is the amount of time between NAPLAN exams. A lot can change in this long period especially in regards to a student’s capabilities. Teachers need to check the progress of students in years 2,4,6 and 8 and prepare them for NAPLAN in the upcoming year.

Best Performance has addressed this need by developing the Annualised NAPLAN Analysis (ANA). The tool provides a comprehensive set of reports, graphs and analytical tools (including data from NAPLAN years) that provide a well rounded view of a student’s academic performance between NAPLAN exams. Students are tested on previous NAPLAN papers to gain an understanding of their strengths and weaknesses so teachers can focus on improving problem areas.

Some of the key functions include:

  • Marking conducted by teachers at Best Performance
  • Full CNAP integration and analysis capabilities
  • New longitudinal graphs and data visualisations
  • Easy-to-filter individual student tracking reports

Eliminating the Gaps

Although NAPLAN markings are available for Years Three, Five, Seven and Nine, those teaching to students enrolled in Years Four, Six, Eight and Ten have no data from which to draw intervention strategies. How does ANA address this?

The program allows administrators to deliver standardised NAPLAN tests to Year Four, Six, Eight and Ten students. Teachers test their students on previous NAPLAN papers to identify strengths and weaknesses. They can then track academic performance across individual students and use longitudinal graphs to determine how particular pupils rank against the Australian mean. As a result, teachers can develop and implement effective intervention strategies over 12-month periods as opposed to 27-month timetables.

All of the tests are pre-made and readily accessible through the ANA service. If teachers wish, they can also correlate the results of those tests with standardised or customised equivalents through Data Hub.

How does ANA work?

Signing up for ANA is simple. Once your school subscribes to the 2016 ANA service through CNAP, all teachers working for the institution can gain access to the program.

Teachers distribute previous NAPLAN-formatted tests to their students, and sends the finished tests to Best Performance. After marking, Best Performance analyses the data to reveal strengths, weaknesses and progression of the students. This analysis is made available on the CNAP platform where all teachers can access the information.

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