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How could data analysis sharpen your teaching skills?

Benchmarking and strategic vision identified as key to learner success

Benchmarking and strategic vision identified as key to learner success Last Monday, Best Performance hosted the Leaders in Education seminar in West Perth…
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For those students who don't naturally fit in, what can you do to help them?

How can teachers make students feel that they belong?

August 1, 2016
A classroom of students often couldn’t be more diverse, creating problems for teachers when ensuring that each student belongs. So what is the solution?
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How could data analysis sharpen your teaching skills?

Can data analysis make you a better teacher?

While teachers and administrators alike have high hopes for data, it is proving a struggle for many. So how can you use data to improve your teaching?
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Student achievement can suffer after testing periods.

Keeping the ‘high performance, high care’ mantra strong

At the end of the day, the goal for all Western Australian schools is to provide an outstanding environment for their students to learn and grow.
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Can a standardised goal motivate different students?

What is the problem with national standards?

A standardised approach to performance makes it difficult to assess each student individually. So do you feel that national standards motivate students?
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How can you enlist parents to continue their children's education at home?

How can you build better parent-teacher partnerships?

Maintaining relationships with students’ parents can be trying. But making this partnership work can benefit much more than the student’s education.
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A child's well-being can depend on a school system.

Report finds the value of good schools for marginalised students

School environments and teachers can play an important role in improving the well-being of marginalised students. Read on to find out more.
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How can your teachers remain focussed on individual students?

How to ensure targeted teaching is a school-wide priority

There are many barriers to developing a targeted teaching program. As such, how can principals and school administrators break these down?
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Australian schools are failing a quarter of students.

Is your school supporting its weakest students?

According to the recent results of a OECD report, countries around the world, including Australia, need to work harder to support failing students.
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