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Will digital testing make NAPLAN better?

Will the move to online NAPLAN testing really work?

As NAPLAN testing moves online in 2017, how will this impact the ability of teachers and school administrators to enhance each child’s education?
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Is NAPLAN failing our students?

Is NAPLAN working to improve school education?

The latest NAPLAN results show that there have been almost no improvements to student performance. What’s really going on and what needs to change?
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Student achievement can suffer after testing periods.

Keeping the ‘high performance, high care’ mantra strong

At the end of the day, the goal for all Western Australian schools is to provide an outstanding environment for their students to learn and grow.
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Are your students developing key skills for the future?

Could data help a student’s chances in later life?

Across the globe, it is safe to say that children who go to school and develop their knowledge are at a distinct advantage from their peers that don’t.
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A child's well-being can depend on a school system.

Report finds the value of good schools for marginalised students

School environments and teachers can play an important role in improving the well-being of marginalised students. Read on to find out more.
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How can your teachers remain focussed on individual students?

How to ensure targeted teaching is a school-wide priority

There are many barriers to developing a targeted teaching program. As such, how can principals and school administrators break these down?
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Australian schools are failing a quarter of students.

Is your school supporting its weakest students?

According to the recent results of a OECD report, countries around the world, including Australia, need to work harder to support failing students.
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How can personalised data help a student's learning?

Could interactive data enhance student learning?

Tracking student performance is vital during all stages of the Australian education system. Are we falling short at present?
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