About us.

But really, it’s about you.

How do we build software that our clients tell us is exceptional? We make it personal. This is how, as a boutique software provider, we help schools and teachers solve the big problems and unlock their students’ potential. By taking the time to listen. By getting out there, providing support in schools. By combining technology and data smarts with good old-fashioned care.

Not your average school software company.

Always listening.

You’ll find former teachers throughout our team, so we understand the challenges schools and teachers face. We’ve been there. We get it. And we’re always listening.

Straight talking.

A lot of tech firms talk a good game, but we prefer to let the quality of our technology and support speak for itself. Just like the results and outcomes we achieve with our clients.

Constantly evolving.

While other software providers automate (to make their lives easier), we innovate. We’re continually talking to our clients and evolving to meet their changing needs.

A small, agile team.
Big on experience.

Our team in Perth has been helping schools manage and use their data more effectively since 2000. In this time, our team and solutions have come a long way. But we’ve done it by staying true to our values:

  • Trust and respect.
  • Reliability and security.
  • Passion and pride.

These values underpin our consultancy-style approach to developing the technology and support that schools and teachers need. While we are, on the face of it, a software company, the technologies we develop are born out of the human connections and relationships we have with our clients.

Meet our team.

Jeremy Waters

Managing Director
With over 20 years of leadership experience in schools and educational organisations, Jeremy has extensive knowledge in product development and school performance improvement. 

Jefri Raja-Azlan

School Liaison Manager
Jefri is a primary and secondary school teacher with a commerce background. His experiences include working for Deloitte, teaching in challenging environments and consulting school leaders at various schools in Perth.

Dahmen Higgs

School Liaison Manager
Dahmen is a qualified teacher with experience in primary, district and secondary schools. He was a Deputy Principal for five years, leading his teaching teams with extensive knowledge of assessment, data collection and analysis through the use of Best Performance platforms.

Stephen Burton

Chief Technical Officer
Stephen has over twenty years of experience in systems roles across the United Kingdom and Australia within banking, finance and EdTech sectors. He is passionate about data driven insights and in delivering exceptional customer experiences through continuous product improvement.

Angela Mann

Angela has recently relocated to Perth after spending over 30 years in International Education, primarily in Japan, the Middle East and more recently in South East Asia. She brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to Best Performance.

Danielle Chin

Senior Data Analyst
Danielle is currently completing her research in Forensic Science at UWA. Her creativity and interest in data analysis has driven her role in the creation of our new initiatives and programs.

Hanson Ling

Senior Data Analyst
Hanson has recently completed a Masters in Data Science at UWA. He is passionate about utilising data science techniques, with the potential of implementing Machine Learning to help educators make rational decisions in their teaching environments.

Karen Lockyer

Karen is a certified bookkeeper with over 15 years experience in accounts and administration. She takes pride in her attention to detail and always strives to deliver accurate accounting data. She has excellent communication skills with a focus on customer service.

Brendan Curtin

Lead Developer
Brendan is a software developer with a keen interest in both web applications and cloud services. As well as contributing to the ongoing development effort, he investigates and pilots new technologies to help strengthen our platforms.

Diego Loaiza

Software Developer
Diego has over 11 years of experience in all aspects of the Software Development Life Cycle. He is well versed with top-trend technologies which he is implementing to enrich our software functionalities.

Hao Lim

Data Formatter
Hao has an engineering background. He is passionate about interpreting data and how it can be implemented to improve a child’s school journey. He has a wealth of expertise and knowledge and knows firsthand the power that data can have.

Jaydon Battersby

Data Formatter & Support Lead
Jaydon has a Bachelor of Science in Astronomy, Astrophysics and Pure Mathematics along with a Graduate Diploma in Secondary Education.In his time as a teacher Jaydon was an advocate of data and how it can be used to target the needs of students.

Cecilia Fravi

Data Analyst
Cecilia is studying for a Masters in Primary Education at Curtin University. She holds a Bachelor in Hospitality Management and has worked for various companies in Switzerland, United States and United Kingdom.

Zhen Chen

Data Analyst
Zhen is studying for a Bachelor of Physics at UWA. His previous experience includes positions at Ernst & Young along with teaching STEM subjects at tuition centres and after school LEGO programs.

Shaun Wu

Data Analyst
Shaun is very interested in data applications and how data can help teachers make connections that lead to improvements in student’s learning. He is currently completing his Bachelors in Mathematics, Statistics and Physics.

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