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Benchmarking and strategic vision identified as key to learner success

Benchmarking and strategic vision identified as key to learner success

Last Monday, Best Performance hosted the Leaders in Education seminar in West Perth which brought together passionate Western Australian principals to discuss exemplary practice and new technologies geared to improve student performance. Emerging from discussions was a clear message that schools need to define an ambitious yet attainable vision and use benchmarking to strive for optimum classroom performance.

Renowned educator Luke George facilitated the seminar. He stated that principals who lead by example and have developed strategic visions with measurable action plans are driving change within schools. He believed that schools working with benchmarks have something tangible to work towards.

“Benchmarking and using data analysis is an effective tool to measure student performance and progress towards the school’s targets,” Luke George said. “It presents clear KPIs and is therefore an objective way to ensure teachers are not only accountable but empowered to be part of the process in driving change, improving performance and contributing to achieving the vision.”

Milton Butcher (Principal at Mount Lawley Senior High School) focused his discussion at the seminar on how the use of data analysis offers queues to teachers on when to intervene in the classroom. He stressed the need for principals to articulate succinctly to the teaching team exactly what he/she required. For example when NAPLAN returns student results within bands 5 or 6, this is the red flag to teachers indicating they must intervene. Such intervention can be tailored to individual students with customised learning plans using technologies such as CNAP.

To guide the development of strategic vision and to facilitate effective implementation, Western Australian schools are embracing outside support. During the seminar, Stella Jinman, Principal at Cecil Andrews Senior High School, stated that the use of external consultants could help schools get the vision right with professional coaching and new technologies.

Luke George said the panel of principals were all united in the opinion that leadership from the top was paramount to driving change in schools.

“Principals need to walk the walk and talk the talk,” Luke George said. “Take our panel member and Principal David Wanstall from Ballajura Primary School for example. When his school held a Celebration Day even he dressed up as a KISS band member; symbolic of his participation in whole school initiatives.”

Tanya Thuijs, Principal at St Emilies Catholic Primary School, highlighted that such involvement of principals was also important in generating a positive and caring culture within schools. Further, this caring culture can be turned into visual reinforcement by articulating the vision onto posters throughout the school.

Best Performance, the seminar host, is a Western Australian company that enables educators with expert advice and empowering data analysis systems. Best Performance will curate a full program of events for 2017 based on the feedback from this initial summit of thought leaders in education.

For media enquiries please contact Jeremy at Best Performance. 9284 0041

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